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We focus on innovation through the exploitation of data using advanced analytics and machine learning.


Toolbox offers a blend of automated advanced data analytics, data processing, and machine learning tools.

  • A user-friendly, domain-oriented platform for advanced data analytics in Healthcare and Insurance.
  • It handles production aspects of analytics while it gets continuously trained for state-of-the-art ML models.
  • It provides all the benefits of potential scale while remaining agile.
  • It gets the most out of your data and provides data analytics reports and insightful charts.

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Industries and Verticals we served


Predictive Modeling

Classification, Regression, Decision Trees, Random Forests, XGBoost, Neural Networks, etc.

Natural Language Processing

Text Classification, Entity Extraction, Word2vec, Topic Modeling, etc.

Decision Making

A-B Testing, Multi-Armed Bandit, Deep Q-Learning, Reinforcement Learning, etc.

Deep Learning

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), Recurrent NN (RNN), LSTM, GRU, GAN, etc.

Our Team

Our team is a unique skill mix of Statisticians, Data Scientists, Machine Learning and AI Scientists, Insurance Experts, Pharma and Healthcare Executives, as well as Academic Researchers.

We are investing in our people. We are committed to maintain a workplace where all employees have the opportunity to maximize their performance as a team.

Our people are our true source of growth and innovation! We attract and retain candidates who share high levels of expertise and know-how and are aligned with our fundamental corporate values: Integrity, Innovation, Goals Orientation, Customer Services Satisfaction, Leadership, Teamwork, Change Management and Initiative.

Our support team will be with you in every step of your journey in data analytics. Just contact us!

Our Team Level

PhD Holders & Candidates

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BSc Holders



Our Customers

Covariance works with leaders and leading organizations to find opportunities that deliver profitable growth

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more likely to make most decisions based on data.

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