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Predicting an unpredictable future

Understanding your data is what matters.


Maximize your operational efficiency and minimize costs, by analyzing large, complex datasets with advanced analytics and machine learning.

Realize the value of your data, and make better decisions every day.

CO Toolbox is a SaaS platform offering a blend of automated advanced data analytics and machine learning tools. It provides excellent advanced data analytics capabilities, making it an excellent choice for companies that already have the data, but they do not have the experts. It handles production aspects of analytics automatically and continuously trains state-of-the-art predictive models. It gives all the benefits of potential scale while remaining extremely user friendly. A domain-oriented problem solver platform for Healthcare and Insurance domains.

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Covariance works with leaders and leading organizations to find opportunities that deliver profitable growth

Leaders are
more likely to make most decisions based on data.

of Leaders cite growth as the key source of value from analytics

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